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alright but imagine 20, 30, 40 years down the line, and gaga comes out of retirement when approached by disney to do a live action remake/retelling of the little mermaid (her favorite disney movie + the ONLY disney princess she has a soft spot for) + how amazing it would be to see gaga as ursula, either as the main character through a retelling ala jolie in maleficent, or even as supporting, like travolta in the remake of hairspray, emerging from retirement to reprise his musical theater roots (grease) as edna, traditionally cast as a male performer in drag

and how epic it would be in that gaga has become a highly significant drag icon with younger queens , for her to become the theatrical, ‘big is beautiful’, drag queen-inspired sea witch


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Filed under addressing all the poor unfortunate souls shes helped over the years being banished from popular culture i mean society assisting in the metaphorical transition of a transexual woman to a physical woman Merder me

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so anyways it looks like the applause music video really was the last ever premiere i’ll be camping out for with yall for Its something unpredictable but in the end is right i hope you had the time of your life

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Jewels and Drugs is about the adrenaline of sitting in my apartment in Chicago and eating pancakes and pouring honey all over them and just hanging out and saying “it’s nothing if it’s not with your family.”

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Theres just so much more pride + conviction in her eyes in BTW era performances… her presence representative of the unspoken emotions + dreams of all of her fans + her own past struggles

vs the artpop era performances where shes just moving along on stage with a message of ‘i wrote these songs in 2012-2013 + now im singing them to you’ and ‘look everyone , i look kinda different when my hair changes’